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How is child support calculated in Connecticut?

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The divorce process is challenging for the family on every front, especially when making decisions about child custody and determining who will pay child support and how much. Parents often wonder how the divorce will impact them financially and whether they can make ends meet.


Connecticut uses a mathematical formula provided by the state’s family courts to calculate child support. These Child Support and Arrearage Guidelines determine the child support payment amount by combining the income of the mother and the father and the number of children.

Medical coverage

In addition, the courts ensure that the child(ren) is covered by medical insurance if available through one of the parent’s employers for a reasonable cost. If that is not available, the court may order the parents to secure medical coverage through the state’s HUSKY program.

Childcare costs

In the same way, the courts provide a mathematical formula to split childcare costs between the parents.

Mandatory guidelines

These guidelines are mandatory. Judges and magistrates must follow these rules unless they make an exception in their ruling. As a result, child support amounts can change over time depending on the parents’ circumstances. If the parent’s income changes, their child support order may also change.

How is child support paid?

Child support is payable to Connecticut’s state disbursement unit.

Income withholding orders

Connecticut’s state disbursement unit is responsible for the processing of income-withholding orders. The state sends these to parents’ employers, ordering them to withhold the appropriate amount per paycheck, which is sent to the state disbursement unit and processed and paid to the parent.

Payment by mail

Parents can also send child support payments by mail to the state disbursement unit.

The state disbursement unit usually has a fast turnaround time for processing payments. It will deposit all payments received within two business days.

The process of paying child support and how the courts calculate it can seem daunting. However, it is much simpler once the parents understand how the child support payment amount is determined.